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Executive Chef

Each conversation was an opportunity to learn about career and experiences...since our first conversation, I saw calm and transparency... I loved Janette's personality and approach.

Pastry Chef & Adjunct Professor

Coaching with Janette guides me to clarify and understand what I want to focus on in my professional and personal life; and it always opens my horizons and my understanding!

Retired Psychologist

Janette is level-headed, articulate and solves problems. She has great insight and great reflection.

Hospitality Leader 

I appreciate your support and guidance.  You are indeed a great coach!

Insurance Leader

With Janette’s guidance, I was able to confront changes happening at work head-on, resulting in a big promotion that has catapulted my career.

Executive Director, Not-for-profit

Janette challenged me to identify and align my values, and what’s more difficult, identify blind spots. Her approach allowed me to gain a proper perspective on the challenges I faced and find better ways to stay centred.

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